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Drilling Waste Management

ZOIL has equipment to manage drill cuttings, sediments, oil based mud and sludge. The ATDU treats up to 5 tonnes of solid oily waste every hour. Sediments and sludge is mixed with sand in a suitable ratio to make it transportable into the treatment system. ZOIL’s new solids control equipment also can handle an additional 30 tonnes per hour of cuttings and oily mud. After treatment the oil contained in the waste is recovered and the solids, which is then devoid of oil to less than 1%, is casted into blocks for industrial construction.

Wastewater Management

ZOIL has treatment systems for wastewater and chemical contaminated wastewater such as oily water and bentonite slurry. ZOIL also operates a system to treat ground water as potable water. Chemical contaminated wastewater is received either as acidic or basic water that requires neutralization and treatment. We are also able to treat and dispose of glycols (monoethylene and ethylene with dyes and other additives).

The treatment system consists of storage sump, oil/water separator for gravity separation of oil and water, dissolved air floatation for removal of residual oil, and activated charcoals beds for effluent polishing to meet Ghana EPA discharge criteria. Our current treatment system is able to treat 90,000 litres of water per day. The system is modular and the capacity can be increased as needed. Additional trains can be added as needed.


At ZOIL we are able to dispose of obsolete chemicals using a number of disposal methods: · Stabilization and disposal in a secured landfill; or · Dilution, neutralization and disposal. The treatment method depends on the composition of the chemical, the active ingredients, the solubility as well as the physical state. Certain solid chemical wastes are also incinerated, including cosmetics, expired drugs, etc.

Remediation Of Contaminated Soils
Waste Management

Soils contaminated with hydrocarbon such as in the event of a spill from an oil tanker, can be treated in the ATDU to remove the oil from the soil before disposing the soil of. The soil is first excavated from the incident location and transported to ZOIL’s treatment facility for processing in the ATDU.

Cleaning Services

ZOIL provides tank cleaning service using conventional tank cleaning methods on the rig and onshore. Being an oil waste management company, we handle the waste associated with tank cleaning onsite, and we ensure that the tank is returned to a cleaned state. Tanks typically used for storing hydrocarbon will have sludge residue at the bottom when used over a long period. When the sludge is evacuated from the tank, ZOIL’s Anaerobic Thermal Desorption Unit is used to process the sludge.

We offer inspection service to ensure that the integrity of the tank is intact based on API standard. ZOIL is currently providing rig and vessel tank cleaning services for Halliburton and Eni Ghana.

Waste Management

ZOIL has the experience of handling transboundary waste in accordance with the Basel Convention. Our experience includes the management of waste received from Mauritania.

It begins with the processing of Basel Convention permit application through the Ghana EPA and the environmental agency of the country of origin for the waste in question. The waste shipment is arranged when the permits for transfer have been approved.

Plastics Waste

At ZOIL we recycle plastics by washing to remove residual chemicals and shredding using an in-house shredding machine. We also have a pelletizer that can pelletize the shredded plastics for onward processing at third party contractor’s facility. Only EPA approved third party plastic recycling companies are used. The wash water containing trace chemicals is treated to remove all contaminants before disposal. The wastewater treatment is performed to ensure the effluent meets EPA discharge guidelines.


ZOIL provides oil spill response support during bunkering operations, either from truck to ship or from ship to ship. In addition to provide the oil spill response support, ZOIL also bunkering operations support by providing the personnel, hoses and other pieces of equipment required for fuel transfer. We also provide other services such as sampling, safety checks, measurements, etc.

Oil Spill

ZOIL has acquired oil spill response equipment which is currently located at the Takoradi Harbour. The equipment comprises of booms, skimmers, pumps and other accessories for oil spill control.