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Anaerobic Thermal Absorbtion Unit

ZOIL’s Anaerobic Thermal Desorption Unit (ATDU) is capable of treating the following types of wastes:
• Crude Oil Tanker Bottoms and Marine Waste
• Drill Cuttings, Drilling Mud
• Oily Sludge, waste oils
• Filter Cakes
• Engine and Hydraulic Oil, Kitchen and Galley Grease
• Soil contaminated with Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB’s) and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons


ZOIL has an industrial incinerator that is capable of processing 200 – 300 kg of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes per hour, or up to 3.6 tonnes per day.
The unit can incinerate wastes at temperatures in excess of 1000oC. Incineration activities are mainly for total destruction purposes where all forms of wastes are completely burnt into ashes. The ashes recovered are tested to ensure it meets EPA standards before final disposal at a designated, secured landfill site. The incinerator can treat all types of waste with the exception of aerosols.

Examples of wastes that can be incinerated include:

Waste oils, Oily solids, including rags, Oily sediments, Tank Slops (liquid & solid), Containers (Steel/Plastic Drums/Buckets, Empty paint cans), Medical waste, Industrial wastes

Harbour Skimmer and Booms

ZOIL has oil spill response equipment located at the Takoradi Harbour for combating oil spills. The equipment comprises of harbor skimers, booms, delta kimmers, pumps and other accessories for oil spill control. The harbor has an outboard motors for propulsion.